Foot Support & Orthotics - Rehability Physical Therapy

Foot Support & Orthotics

We at Rehability have the training and expertise to handle the special needs of your feet. Collectively, we have been assessing and treating lower extremity and foot problems since 1990. We will thoroughly assess your gait as well as the biomechanics and function of your pelvis, legs, and feet to ensure the proper resolution is delivered. At times the correction can be as simple as ‘customized’ Superfeet. Other times, however, custom molded orthotics are most appropriate. When this is the case, we will cast your feet in an unweighted, neutral position in our clinic. The casts are then sent to a manufacturer of custom foot orthoses where the lightweight, semi-rigid orthoses will be made specifically to match your foot and shoe needs. Once the orthotics are received back in our clinic we will dispense them to you, ensure they fit properly and are comfortable, and provide use and care instructions.

Occasionally, there are biomechanical problems up the kinetic chain. If this is the case, we will help you understand where muscle tightness or weakness may be a factor in your condition. Looking carefully at the full picture of your body is imperative to successfully managing your problem. We have helped many people overcome pain and/ or instability in their lower extremities by appropriately utilizing orthotics with their individualized treatment plan.