Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation - Rehability Physical Therapy

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

We at Rehability offer basic cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. We know that those who have heart, lung, and vascular disease require specialized attention and exercise management. We will provide a comprehensive assessment to determine your baseline strength and function as it relates to cardiopulmonary function. We will then work with you to establish your personal goals and rehab plan for returning to your optimal level of function for home, work, and/or play. You and your PT will establish an individualized exercise program along with target pulse, blood pressure, and/or O2 saturation rates. Your cardiopulmonary tolerance will be monitored very closely as you work toward improving your overall quality of life.

Evidence shows that cardiopulmonary rehabilitation can be extremely beneficial. The body uses available oxygen more efficiently so daily activities are easier and less tiring. Blood pressure may be reduced. Blood glucose (sugar) has less fluctuation and stabilizes at a lower level. Body fat is burned longer resulting in weight loss. Emotional fatigue is less. Depression improves. In addition, patients report improved stamina/ energy levels and reduced bodily pain. As with any exercise regime, you will undoubtedly also notice improvements in balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination.

Let us at Rehability work with you to recover from your cardiopulmonary issues and return to life.