Athletic Training - Rehability Physical Therapy

Athletic Training

We are passionate about sports and physical activity in your personal lives. We understand the importance of optimal sports performance and preparation. Not only do we have a certified athletic trainer with local, national and international experience, our physical therapists have been personally involved in the successful rehabilitation of professional football and baseball players, Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and CNFR and NFR qualifiers; collegiate soccer, football, basketball, baseball and track athletes; high school and recreational athletes of all types.

Whether you are interested in preparing for your sports season, have injured yourself during a practice or event, or have had a surgery, we will help you return to your optimal performance level as quickly as possible. As always, our treatment plan begins with a thorough assessment of your current functional level in comparison to your sport/ activity goals. Our goal at Rehability is to determine the ‘source’ of your issues, treat you with skill and care, and teach you how to manage your condition independently as soon as possible. Your successful rehab will include some combination of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, modalities, body mechanics training, and patient education/ home programming. Additionally, it is imperative that you leave Rehability with an complete understanding of your injury and a toolbox of positions, stretches, and/or exercises to help you progress while engaging in your sport/ activity.