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Patient Info

Welcome to Rehability- Your choice for Physical Therapy

We are here to help you get back to enjoying your life!
Our physical therapists are dedicated not only to helping you identify and understand the cause of your physical limitation/ pain, but also to creating a custom treatment program that will expedite your return to normal activities.

To Help Your First Visit Be as Productive as Possible

  • Make a list of questions you would like to discuss with your physical therapist.
  • Make note of factors related to your current condition (eg. activities that are difficult or movements that make you worse/ better).
  • Note key past medical history, previous treatments, current medications, and other important information related to your current issue.
  • Fill out the patient forms prior to your appointment.
  • Bring with you a copy of your insurance card and a photo ID.
  • We do recommend that you call your insurance company to obtain information about your physical therapy benefits.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment so that we can get you checked in and answer any insurance questions you may have.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

  • Our friendly front office staff will help you navigate the insurance process so you can focus on your recovery.
  • Your personal physical therapist will begin the evaluation by asking questions related to the reason for your visit as well as relevant medical history. Open communication helps us understand your issue.
  • Your PT will assess your functional movement, strength, coordination. Our purpose is to help you, so please ensure you communicate to your therapist if anything causes discomfort during the appointment.
  • The information gathered will help your physical therapist understand the primary issues related to your visit and subsequently, help you understand what is causing your problem.
  • Your PT will recommend treatments, exercises, and training to ensure the most efficient and optimal recovery. Together, the two of you will create a plan that works best to restore your function while honoring your schedule and budget.
  • There will be some treatments performed the first day to get you started on your road to recovery. However, during the following visit(s) you will get into the full swing of your treatment plan. These visits will be coordinated between your busy schedule and that of your PT.
  • In order to optimize your outcome, your PT will coordinate care and communicate with the referring provider or other healthcare personnel involved in your care.

If you have any questions at anytime, please don’t hesitate to call. We can be reached at 406.338.4902. We want to ensure your satisfaction and full recovery.